PCEA Eastleigh Community Centre

Restoring Lost Hope

Youth during a cleanup exercise held in Dandora... ... read more

The Rajo women training in English and Kiswahili ... read more

Rev. Kareri Kindergarten school for refugee children at Eastleigh offers early childhood education for vulnerable and orphaned children. ... read more

Skills Training integrates life skills and entrepreneurship development to equip the youth with diverse market oriented skills to enhance their employability ... read more

The Pottery project is among the income generating activities at ECC that supports other projects like Education ... read more
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Rev. Kareri Primary School

Rev. Kareri Primary School

Pottery project

The Pottery Project

Vocational Training College


Adult Literacy

Rajo women

PCEA Eastleigh Community Centre

Eastleigh community centre is a faith based non-governmental organization. Over the years, Eastleigh Community Centre has been working towards improving living standards of the communities in non formal settlements of Nairobi through implementation of social, political and economic interventions. The centre identifies critical issues that concern target communities and translate them into short and long-term program.

Based on the principle values and analysis of environment in the target area, ECC strive to achieve its vision and mission of empowerment to the vulnerable community members by promotion of sustainable development’. In addressing the strategic objectives and realizing the results, ECC facilitates and support sustainable community development initiatives advanced by organized community institutions. The centre embraces the Rights Based Approach that seeks to empower the groups to demand their entitlements from those responsible to promote protect and offer them. It recognizes the fact that communities must participate in all activities relating to their own development in order to promote a sustainable community development culture.


‘A Leading Christian Organization that promotes the social, economic and political empowerment of the marginalized and vulnerable communities in Kenya by enhancing sustainable development’


To facilitate the empowerment of the marginalized and vulnerable community members in non formal settlements of Nairobi in order for them to attain sustainable livelihoods and lead responsible and dignified lifestyles”


"Restoring lost Hope"


1. Act in the most transparent and accountable manner

2. Promote Participatory development.

3. Promote indiscriminate Justice and service to all people.

4. Holding Christian values and principles in all its operations.

5. Promote professionalism in all its undertakings.

6. Uphold a positive image of the organization.

7. Provide quality services and products.

8. Secure sustainable long term solutions to community problems.

9. Promote Gender equity

10. Promoting high standards through implementation, monitoring and evaluation and strive to be a learning organization.

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